Visual Ceiling Decoration

The low ceiling, of course, the problem, but with proper design and use of certain optical illusions, not only can avoid this disadvantage, but to beat him. The paper collected by the idea of design rooms with low ceilings, thanks to you can add an overhead space with the help of visual effects. 1. The most simple and affordable solution – use a wallpaper with a vertical pattern. The main thing to remember about the measure. Wide and bright stripes across the the room will not help, they are likely to give the room a "stockiness." It is better to use low-key and soft image.

And if you want bright bands, then include them in the design have accents in the relevant field (eg, highlight some areas). 2. To visually increase the ceiling height, you need to paste wallpaper or paint the walls right up to the ceiling. Wide borders in color ceiling "steal" at the height of the room, so it is best to use them or not, or painted in wall color, or use very thin edges. 3. Also, to increase the visual height of the ceiling, you can add the height of the wall – let them "will visit" to the ceiling.

To do this, a low ceiling paint in the color of the wall walls, or wallpaper paste from the ceiling. The band size is on the ceiling, which you "You give" the wall depends on the size of the room. What it is, the more you can use the ceiling.